AUBURN, AL – AIM Group, the Southeast’s largest angel network, announced today that it has made an equity investment into Silicon Valley-based AI company, ModuleQ. This investment marks AIM Group’s first west coast deal. ModuleQ, led by Founder, David Brunner,  leverages artificial intelligence technology for professionals to work smarter in the workplace. By integrating with Microsoft Office 365 and other workflow platforms, ModuleQ is able to identify top priorities based on your natural workflow. The proprietary ModuleQ technology will then begin to act as your personal research assistant by tapping into large databases, the latest news, your calendars and even your company’s internal resources to better equip yourself with all pertinent information, delivered simply.


“Artificial intelligence is in significant demand and ModuleQ’s client-facing applications appear to be the most advanced in the market.” – Jim Corman, Managing Partner at AIM Group


ModuleQ is a people-facing tool for professionals that is powered by unique AI that understands personalized work priorities then automatically delivers timely and relevant content. AIM Group and its investors look forward to partnering with ModuleQ’s management team to continue to develop their go-to-market strategies and further accelerate pipeline-to-customer conversion.


“The sheer brainpower of the management team is shocking. The team is uniquely qualified to build such a sophisticated product.” – Clay Corman, Managing Partner at AIM Group


This is AIM Group’s 5th investment of 2018 and it’s second largest investment since its inception in 2011.  Focusing on early stage technology-enabled companies, AIM Group has completed 65 transactions to date deploying over $39 million in invested capital into high growth early stage companies, predominantly in the Southeast.  AIM Group has chapters in Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham, Auburn, Montgomery, Dothan, Mobile and Pensacola.