AIM Group invests in KIYATEC

Our August 2016 presenting company was KIYATEC out of Greenville, South Carolina.

KIYATEC is ushering in a new world of cancer drug response profiling that use living cells grown and tested in a more relevant 3D tumor microenvironment.  They are dedicated to changing how the pharmaceutical industry and clinicians evaluate, test and deliver innovative cancer therapeutics.

Over eight meetings in seven cities, KIYATEC raised almost $700K with AIM Group. While we see this investment as one of the more risky in our portfolio, we believe the upside will be huge.

MemberSuite presents to Nashville Chapter

AIM Group’s newest chapter is Selous Venture Society in Nashville, TN. This opening marks the first of our established chapters outside of Alabama and makes us the largest network in the Southeast.

This week we will host our first meeting in Nashville with a special presentation of MemberSuite. MemberSuite is our single largest investment and currently has the highest scorecard rating issued by the AIM staff. MemberSuite, located in Atlanta, has developed a software platform that allows associations and non-profits to manage their back office processes and allows their members online access to manage their relationship via an online portal.  The company provides over 20 modules to support associations’ processes, including membership, billing, certifications, events, committees, communication, and fundraising.

New Nashville members will be presented with an introduction and overview of AIM Group, and an opportunity to invest in MemberSuite. We look forward to the new season ahead with Selous Venture Society.

For more info on MemberSuite, visit here.