At AIM, we believe the investing experience we provide is worth every penny of your annual dues. It’s important for each of our members to get the most out of membership. These 8 steps will ensure you do.

Attend meetings: Even if you are not able to invest. You will learn a lot and we love the fellowship.

RSVP for every meeting: You can attend meetings if you don’t RSVP, but it sure helps us in food preparation and meeting room setup.

Build a portfolio of at least 10-15 positions: This size portfolio greatly reduces risk and substantially improves your chances of investing in winners. We suggest that you build your portfolio over three years and fund investments after that with proceeds from exits.

Invite guests: AIM is an invitation only organization. The only way we grow is for you to invite prospective members to join. And there is no better way for a prospective member to understand what we do than to come to a presentation.

Participate on a due diligence team or two: Members make up a majority of every due diligence team and the quality of our due diligence is a key to our long-term success. Remember, it takes 15 hours our your time. Contact your chapter Executive Director and let him/her know of your interest to serve on a due diligence team.

Refer investment opportunities to us: We are always looking for great early stage companies in which we can invest and members are still are valued source of deal flow.

Follow the companies in which you invest: Check the Visible website often for updates. Read the company generated and AIM staff generated reports.

Don’t forget about AIM Growth Fund: Please mention the AIM Growth Fund to any person you know that might be interested in investing in our portfolio but who realistically cannot participate in our network.