Clay Corman, managing partner of AIM Group, participated in’s River Region Young Professionals Summit in Montgomery on April 29. Corman was one of 4 panelists that discussed the developing future of the River Region and Alabama in technology, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

Another of our team members, Montgomery Chapter Director Clay McInnis led the panel conversation and asked Corman to highlight the value of community and teamwork in relation to what we do as AIM Group.

A founding principal at AIM Group is that there is strength in numbers. We can do more together as a collective of Angel Investors than individual, including investing in better companies seeking more money for more return, having more leverage to negotiate great deals for our members, and building a network of support to allow Angels across the state the opportunity to grow together and connect.

There is strength in community on a larger scale in regards to the startup community as well. Being able to connect companies together, through a common investor, is a great added value to working with AIM Group. We’ve seen several of our portfolio companies introduced and provide resources to help grow their ventures. 

We see a bright future for AIM Group and our portfolio companies in the growing technology economy. It was a pleasure to be represented among the young professionals of Alabama’s River Region.