Be sure to review our investment criteria and investment process before applying for funding. If you believe your opportunity is a good fit, we would like to hear from you. Follow the instructions listed below to submit a funding request.

There are two steps required to apply for funding.

  1. Complete an Application Questionnaire
  2. Send an Executive Summary

Download the Application Questionnaire. Before you send your application please read the guidelines for writing an effective executive summary.

Guidelines for Writing an Effective Executive Summary

  • Two pages long – We aren’t going to read beyond two pages.
  • What problem are you solving? What is your solution? Many times we’ve had conversations with folks who can’t answer that question. True entrepreneurs are obsessive about solving problems that enhance end-user experiences, and investors are attracted to companies that have a dramatic impact on users. So, tell your audience what about the user experience is broken, and how you’re going to fix it.
  • Why are customers going to purchase your product (or service) over your competitors? Entrepreneurs that have a true understanding of the customer excite us as investors. We only invest in companies that have a compelling answer to this question.
  • How will you gain market adoption? Well-conceived sales & marketing strategies are a sure way to get our attention.
  • Show us an overview of your financial model. We want to understand how you make money and how we ultimately realize a return on our investment.
  • What is the background and track record of the management team? At the end of the day, we invest in people. Introduce yourselves and tell us what you’ve done.

To apply for funding, email us with a completed Application Questionnaire and Executive Summary.

Email us: start [at]